Auction 2021

See how the auction went in 2021

The auction last year again brought many interesting moments. The online format of the auction allows many non-Planish bidders to participate, so we were able to enjoy more than 100 registered bidders. They enjoyed fighting over some of the works until the last seconds. A pleasant surprise occurred in the post-auction sale, when a beautiful work with the highest bidding price, a matrix by Alena Kučerová entitled Edge of fields. Thanks to the charity auction, the Hospice of St. Lazarus will receive a total of CZK 487,503 in 2021. The funds will be used to purchase a portable ultrasound machine for doctors at home. hospice care, positioning beds, dispensers,

infusion stands and other necessary devices and equipment, including medicines and medical supplies. Thank you to all the artists. Every single one of them gave us their imaginative and creative works for free, they did it with the desire to help a good cause. We did it! Thanks to curator Lucie Šiklová and co-curator Eva Chmelová. Both have been the pillars and creative force behind all the classes since the beginning. We look forward to the next benefit auction in November or December 2022. We already know that if we can do it just a little bit, we want an auction with a proper exhibition and opening, which will take place in a hybrid “offline format with online streaming and remote bidding”.

Catalogue 2021


Auctioned works from 2021